(Colistin sulphate)

Treatment of infections caused by germs sensitive to colistin sulphate in particular bacterial enteritis caused by Gram-negative micro-organisms for all target species.

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It contains:
1Lt of product contains:
active substance colistin sulphate 120 g.


Store in a cool and dry place. Do not expose to direct heating sources. Once open the sealed container, the product has to be used within 30 days. Discard unused medicated water after 24 hours. Dispose of unused product or of empty containers, in accordance with local regulations.


The medicine has to be solved into drinking water, at 5-6 mg of colistin sulphate/kg body weight for 3-7 days as per veterinary prescription.


  • calves: 7 days;
  • broilers: 2 days;
  • laying hens: 5 days;
  • turkes: 2 days;
  • rabbits: 5 days.

PACKAGING: 1 Lt plastic bottle.