(Acidifier for poultry)

MARACID is a liquid premix for poultry, especially indicated to optimize digestion, appetite and intestinal functions. Maracid can be used for the spot treatment of acidification of water to drink animal to improve the quality and to reduce the microbial growth in the stable lines.

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It contains:
Acetic acid (E 260)
Citric acid(E 330)
Lactic Acid (E 270)
Sorbitol (E 420)

Support: water up to one liter.


  • Swine : 400 – 700 g / 100 kg of liquid feed ;
  • Poultry, Lay Hens, Turkey, Rabbit : 400 – 600 g / 100 kg of feed.

PACKAGING: 1 Lt plastic bottle, 5 Lt plastic tank