(Bio-available minerals for all animal species)

UMBROMIN is a balanced association of macro and micro elements, aimed to prevent the problems of de-calcification and de-mineralization, when related to nutritional deficiencies. UMBROMIN gives a quick response, as it can be administered via drinking water and is totally bio-available, thanks to the pyrophosphate form.

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It contains:
– Minerals: Phosphorous, Calcium, Sodium;
– Trace elements: Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Selenium;


  • Layers in Cage: to fight against osteoporosis or osteomalacia, both linked to the huge quantity of calcium daily used to build up egg shells.
  • Broilers: to reduce legs weakness problems, which may lead to the kinky back syndrome. A regular intake of Umbromin is extremely important between the 2nd and 4th week when bone mineralization starts developing quickly.
  • All Animals: to reduce the damages caused by a heat stroke or by a stress condition.

USE: To dissolve carefully in drinking water.


  • prevention posology: 1 L in 200 L of drinking water;
  • for treatment: 1 L in 100 L of drinking water for 3-7 consecutive days.

PACKAGING: 1 Lt plastic bottle, 5 Lt plastic tank