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May 21, 2019

La Veterinaria was born in 1978 in Umbria, a central region of Italy, where are located many feed producing companies (homemixers and feed compounders). That’s why we dedicates our effort in manufacturing products mainly for the feed industry. La Veterinaria provides health and nutritional solutions also to the other segments of the feed/food chain, i.e.:

• Feed producers
• Ruminants, Swine, Poultry, Fish farm
• Poultry integrators
• Hatcheries
• Drugstores
• Wholesales

Since our birth, we have been a reliable manufacturer and supplier of animal nutrition products (supplements, premixes, additives), for either the domestic and the export market. La Veterinaria covers all major food-producing animal species and, during the years, we have built up a specific experience on water buffaloes. More recently we also entered the Pet and Aqua market, with new innovative ideas, products and services.
To provide the perfect service to all our costumer, we also have a Quality Control Laboratory that routinely performs chemical and microbiological assays on all the incoming raw materials and the outgoing finished preparations: thanks to the strict quality protocols, our company has obtained the FAMI-QS certification, the GMP+ Certificate and the No OGM certification, thus a Total Quality Approach.
The sales of the products are supported by a strong technical back-up, either for the nutritional aspects, or the sanitary problems, or the whole management.


Our site is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health for the:
• Manufactuting and trading premix ITα000183PG
• Manufacturing and trading of feed compound ITα000182PG
• Intermediate for trading additives and premix ITα000168PG

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